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9 months ago

Budget (max. 650 Euro) alto sax for a beginner

Hi everyone! My wife got obsessed by an idea of learning to play sax and myself being a multiinstrumentalist, I got excited as well. None of us ever played sax. We are looking to purchase a decent quality alto sax for a beginner that has no problems with intonation and will last without spending a fortune, budget is about 600-650 Euro. After some researching, I've narrowed down to one of those two instruments:

- Jean Paul USA AS-400 - will cost me about 600 Euro with all the import taxes and shipping to Germany (
- Jupiter JAS500AB - it is JAS500Q ( but with a redesigned hard-shell case. 630 Euro as a discount deal from a local german seller. 

I didn't find too much information about this particular model of Jupiter, apart from this video where those guys telling that it is a second choice after Yamaha YAS-280 for beginners: No idea if it is close to truth? I believe purchasing Jupiter locally will be easier with warranty and service, given the availability of the spare parts as well, as it is a known brand?

At the same time I was stunned by multiple great reviews about Jean Paul AS-400. I wonder if one can find spare parts for it in Germany (Berlin), if needed? 

Which one of two would you guys recommend given my location and price points? Possibly other suggestions within the budget? I watched this video ( and considered real cheap Lade/Ammoon below 300 USD, but I am scared a little honestly. 

Would be greatful for any advice! Thanks in advance!


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  1. by timurator
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    9 months ago

    Re: Budget (max. 650 Euro) alto sax for a beginner

    I have also seen that one can order lots of Jupiter models from Chinese retail websites like AliExpress and Dhgate insanely cheap. E.g. the same Jupiter JAS500 can be purchased for around 300 USD. Does anyone have an experience with ordering there? Are those Jupiters fake?

    For example:

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