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by baiselmareo6
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6 months ago

Beginner Tenor/Alto

I want to start playing tenor sax (or possibly alto, but i do prefer the sound of tenor) but I've never played a wind instrument before, let alone sax. I play guitar and bass and want to start sax as I'm in a jazz band at school and have friends who have gotten me into jazz. I have been looking around on eBay and Gumtree (Australian version of Craigslist basically) and seen some cheap saxes but I don't know if they are worth the price. I've seen the Mendini by Cecilio tenor and alto saxes but I've got no idea if they're any good as I've seen a number of both good and bad reviews. I know everyone on this Subreddit is saying Yamaha or Selma second hand saxes, but if those are not options what would you recommend?



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  1. by mijderf
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    6 months ago

    Re: Beginner Tenor/Alto

    If you look into the "Resources" tab at the top of this page you will find a very good buyer's guide to saxophones:

    I definitely recommend buying a used beginner tenor.  The new ones like he Mendini you mention are not very rugged, and can easily go out of regulation and require a lot of service work.  I do not know what is available in your used market, but hopefully you can find one of the recommended horns from the above buyer's guide.

    Good hunting! 

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