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by notjoe90
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2 years ago

Selmer Mk VI Alto

I have decided to sell my Selmer Mk VI Alto.  I've had it from NEW (1974); it has the original lacquer; recently had it fully overhauled (new pads, etc); original case.
Ot's in mint condition but I have not played it for years so selling.
Also selling a new (hardly used) electronic eMute.
Can anyone advise the most appropriate place to sell it, please?  I'm based in the UK.
Many thanks.

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    2 years ago

    Re: Selmer Mk VI Alto

    Most of the musical instrument stores sell on the internet and will sell a horn on consignment.

    So decide what you want to get out of it. Realize there is going to be a 10 to 15% consignment feel.

    There are more wonderful saxophones out there than there are players who can afford to buy one. So, if you want to sell it, be willing to make a deal.

    I am sitting on 15 pro level horns now, because nobody can make any money performing on them. Plus, everybody with a financial burden is willing to sell that treasure they thought they would never sell.

    Good Luck.

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