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by Benjasaurus
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3 years ago

Songs for busking with out backing

I'm gonna try busking soon but I don't know what songs to play. I need stuff that sounds good without a backing track as I most likely can't plug in an amp and don't have the money for a battery powered one.

I'm open to playing any genre.

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    3 years ago

    Re: Songs for busking with out backing

    I myself am very good at playing by ear. I hear a tune and it just comes out. Improvising on such, not so fluent.


    Anyway, I'd play anything and everything that enters your mind. Dont be afraid to pop out some current pop tunes along with whatever jolts your interest. Be more creative on your own and impress those listening. Go with whatever flow the people who bother to stop and listen are wanting to hear. Try to get a smile out of someone.


    If your not there yet, dont embarrass yourself.

    Play with honesty.

    One of my most favorite "skits" I ever saw on SNL was Branford Marsalis playing on the street with his baby in a car seat at his feet. That was in the late 80s. Man Im old. I think that was when he was touring with Sting and Kenny Kirkland.

    Good Luck!

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