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by historicsaxwhisperer
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1 week ago

Steve Broadus Mouthpieces

Which came first, the Perfected Model Steve Broadus signature mouthpieces or

the SB Diamond New York/Paris model?


I looked in the museum here and they have the perfected model listed first and the SB Diamond second.

In other museum listings, the older models are listed first. I think it is backwards here and the SB model is the older of the two models.

Anybody have any info which model is older? When Broadus sold mouthpieces out of Paris?


The Perfected models were included with the Committee II Martin models. My 1942 Comm II has one. Broadus was on "The Committee" at Martin. The "The Martin" models came with a Martin mouthpiece.

Thanks for any info. If I had a diamond model to compare my Perfected model against, I could figure it out myself, based on saxophone evolution.


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  1. by JonHuff
    (94 posts)

    1 week ago

    Re: Steve Broadus Mouthpieces

    Fairly certain the diamond pieces came first, and there are far fewer of them out there too. 

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    1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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      7 days ago

      Re: Steve Broadus Mouthpieces

      Thanks Jon,

      There was a Broadus diamond C melody on ebay that I wanted. I have a Conn C melody obsession and refurbish a lot of them. I am looking for pieces to play test my finished work on. I like my Broadus tenor piece.

      Then I asked the seller if he was sure it was a C melody. He was, and sent me some pics of it on a Buescher C mel neck.

      Then the auction was ended due to something wrong with the auction. I think he realized it wasn't a C melody Broadus, just an alto piece. I dont think he actually made a C Melody piece.

      But if he did, it would be the older of the models.


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