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by Anouchka
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3 years ago

Saxophone performance

i am due to perform at a charity two tunes mid Oct, subject to social distancing of course, one is on a YouTube link and the other one is on my iPhone/Samsung tablet (iTunes). 
I was wondering which type of gear to use to perform there, and connect my iPhone or Samsung tablet.
Note they don't have a PA system and there is no wifi there so was thinking of using a Bluetooth device (but will need to use my phone data for the YouTube link) either connect my iPhone or Samsung tablet to Bluetooth speakers or to a portable PA system on wheels as easier to carry.
I might perform again another time so the investment is definitely worth it.
Any ideas or recommendations welcome!
Many thanks!

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    3 years ago

    Re: Saxophone performance

    This in not necessarily a saxophoniost question.

    This is more a PA and recording question.


    Just my input if you are trying to get the right answer ask the right people.

    Good Luck

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