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by goodplayin
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3 weeks ago

Beginner problem playing D on saxophone

Hi there! 

Greetings all, I am very new to playing the Alto sax and am trying to self learn.

I am trying to play a D (I think its a middle D or high D, not sure). Please see the image.

However I noticed that when pressing the Octave key,  It does not lift the top part by the mouth piece, because the button my left hand's ring finger is on (3rd home button, I think that's what it's called)?

This action however does however push a small other part of the sax, which is just below where the mouthpiece joins the rest of the sax.

Would this be normal?

Thank you!

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    3 weeks ago

    Re: Beginner problem playing D on saxophone

    You have two octave vents. One is the hole on the neck. The other is on the body, up closer to where the neck goes into the body,

    Your wedding ring finger activates the body vent to open and the neck vent to close.

    When the octave key lever is depressed.

    So, when playing middle D, activating the octave key with the left hand thumb, that is what is pictured, the neck vent will be closed and the body vent will be open. If you lift your ring finger, it will flip to open  the neck vent, and then back as you press the key down. If this is not happening, you need a minor adjustment from a technician.

    Good Luck and stay at it.

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    1. by goodplayin
      (2 posts)

      3 weeks ago

      Re: Beginner problem playing D on saxophone

      Thanks for the very helpful reply and encouragement, much appreciated!

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