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Hi, I'm a 14 year old alto sax player. I usually play 2nd or 3rd part in jazz band, since I'm a freshman and there's this other guy who's been in the band for four years. But in every part I have, I have to improvise. There's one piece we're playing that's like New Orleans stuff (in memoriam) and it's really fast paced. I think it's standard 12 bar blues. The chords are G7, C7, G7, Ami7, D7, and G7. My band master says that I should just play either a G blues scale or notes in those chords. I do it and it really doesn't sound right. The senior next to me will play so well and I don't know how he does it. Please help!

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  1. by CountSpatula
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    Hopefully you have the Bb blues scale down right o.o; G, Bb, C, C#, D, F, G. And its kinda hard to help teach someone improv. its just something that you gradulally get better at. It helps to go and listen to professional saxophonist a lot. Just express yourself and dont be afraid to mess up. Play loud and confident, and it doesn't have to be 8th or 16th notes all the way on a fast song. Ok end the motivation speech :P

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