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by historicsaxwhisperer
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3 weeks ago

Tenney Jazzmaster Mouthpieces

When did Paul Tenney make the jazzmaster mouthpiece and where was his shop?

I play mostly 1940s Tonemasters and have always found his work priceless. I recently aquired one of his Tenney Slant signature Otto Link pieces and a Steve Broadus reface by Paul, both a 7*. They are both phenomenal. They are both making me second guess my 25 years of using a metal Tonemaster. So, I am now looking for a jazzmaster, which was made directly by Doc. I know they can be pricey!!

Thank you for any input.

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  1. by mijderf
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    2 weeks ago

    Re: Tenney Jazzmaster Mouthpieces

    You might want to contact Mark Overton of Saxquest directly with these questions.  From the bio clips I have read about Mark, Doc was the physician at the college where Mark got his undergraduate degree.  If I remember correctly, he spent time with Doc at his mouthpiece bench. 

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    1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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      2 weeks ago

      Re: Tenney Jazzmaster Mouthpieces

      Thanks for the lead to answer my question.

      Mark was kind enough to relay that Doc made the Jazzmaster  from 2008 thru 2012

      from his shop in his home in Cedar Falls.

      I dont know if anybody retailed it, or if it was just a special order from Doc.

       In any event, quite an uncommon piece.

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