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by MarcheSlave
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2 weeks ago

Berg Larsen Rubber Mouthpiece 105/1 M

Good day guys,

It is true that vintage mouthpiece will not fit for new version of Alto Sax.

Recently, I bought an Alto Sax for my 10 year old grandson (Cannonball - Alcazar).

I tried to push further the mouthpiece (Berg), but it is still stacked in the middle of  the neck.

I already used sandpaper and cork grease, but same result.

Please help.  Thank you.


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  1. by RyanCannonball
    (44 posts)

    1 week ago

    Re: Berg Larsen Rubber Mouthpiece 105/1 M

    It's common for a cork to need to be resized for a different mouthpiece. If it's a setup your grandson will use long-term, you can have a repair technician size the Alcazar neck cork for the mouthpiece. I have a vintage Berg Larsen baritone mouthpiece that plays great but its shank is much larger than my other bari mouthpieces.

    As a side note, 105 is extremely open for an alto mouthpiece and may be difficult to learn on. A young player would generally be more comfortable starting off on the Cannonball C* or simlar mouthpiece with something around an 070 opening.

    Congrats on getting your grandson started on sax!

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    1. by MarcheSlave
      (6 posts)

      1 week ago

      Re: Berg Larsen Rubber Mouthpiece 105/1 M

      Thank you for you suggestion/advice.

      I appreciate it very much.

      I just bought a mouthpiece for my grandson - Yamaha 5C.

      Best regards

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