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by hagster69
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4 weeks ago

Elkhart silver alto

Hi, I've been offered a silver vintage Elkhart alto, serial number 576xx. Any of you geniuses know anything about it, Martin or Buescher for instance and age? Also what sort of price, in original case

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    3 weeks ago

    Re: Elkhart silver alto

    One of the more interesting stories in both American business and saxophobne history.

    The Elkhart Band Instrument Company was a business venture/pairing of both Conn and Buescher. They used their secondary left over parts from older models, combined them with each other, tested out some innovative ideas, and put these "Frankenstein Monster" derived instruments up against other manufacturers developing instruments in the Stencil Market.


    Imagine Ford and Dodge. Or GM and Pontiac getting together to make money.

    It just doesnt happen.

    So, it was a secondary line of instruments. Eventually became exclusively Buescher's secondary line of instruments. The older models are somewhat unique, late 1920s,well made, and nicely silver plated with a rose gold washed bell. By the 1950s, it was just considered a student line instrument.

    Value around 250. for an alto.


    Good Luck

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    1. by hagster69
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      3 weeks ago

      Re: Elkhart silver alto

      Thank you, Yes I do believe it's around a 1925 model but with bevelled tone holes, possibly a Martin?

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