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by lexi.silva
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1 week ago

Vintage Bari Sax

Hello there! I have an "unknown" brand vintage baritone sax I am trying to get some information on. The history is slightly confusing... On the back of the horn it says the following:
PATD SEPT 14, 1915

if you have any info as to when this horn was made, who actually manufactured it, please let me know. I looked up the serial number and it could have been a Buescher or Selmer but there's no insignia for either of those companies on this horn.  

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    1 week ago

    Re: Vintage Bari Sax

    That was manufactured by Conn.

    It is a secondary line and may have just about anything, or nothing, at all as far

    as a manufacturer on the bell.


    With that said, the older conn baritones are in general quited desired.

    If it is in overal good condition with a straight/unmangeld body tube and everything

    is aligned nicely, and you got the original neck, its got some value. Its near impossible to tell by pictures. That requires an in person evaluation.


    Good Luck

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