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by GzsKerqt
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17 years ago

baritone fingerings

We're currently playing this piece called bridgewater breeze by Adam Gorb. Does anyone know the fingerings of notes lower than low A on bari? Thx

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  1. by barisax999
    (400 posts)

    17 years ago

    Re: baritone fingerings

    well theoretically.... no. however, kick your shoe off drop your foot in the bell, drop your jaw, finger a low A, and you can pull off a low A flat

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    1. by Sax Mom
      (964 posts)

      17 years ago

      Re: baritone fingerings

      That's right. The only way to make the horn sound lower than it is long with all the keys shut is to stick your heel in the bell. (And I don't believe you can get lower than an Ab on the horn with fingerings for A, or an A on a horn with fingerings only for Bb.

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