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by hallkat
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16 years ago

1939 Buescher Aristocrat Tenor

Hi this message is for any one that can help me.Dave Dix I would appreciate your imput please. I am recieving this horn from a friend in Washinton sometime this week . He bought it basically for me on ebay and has checked it out replaced a couple of pads on the lower stack and says it is a wonderfull check it out go to item #7354117515 ..let me know what you think ..price and condition..mostly I need help on mouthpieces...I am playing alot of rock and blues but I am a jazz player at heart and want to take my playing into that derection. I have a older Brillhart with a serial # on it is a ebolin ..however I am reading about large chamber mpcs...I have had a Ducoff D6 that I really liked and wondered if this would work on this horn for Rand B funk and also for Jazz...sugestions pls as I have gone through mpc hell for a couple of years and would like to find one mpc that may work for all my needs...thanks Hallkat

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  1. by Dave Dix
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    16 years ago

    Re: 1939 Buescher Aristocrat Tenor

    Thats a nice series 1 buescher and about the best of the aristocrat line (i have one from the same year ) They are the small bell version just before the big B and cut thru really well. I use either a dukoff D7 or berg 115/0 both metal mpc's which are both high baffle pieces and work great on bueschers so your D6 will be fine . Superb for jazz or R/B or any kind of music as good as (imho ) better then a mk 6 Dave

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