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by Tsaxkid
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16 years ago

Trying out vintage saxes...

Is there anywhere to try out vintage saxes in southern California? I was guided to look at Conn, Buescher, Martin, and King but was hoping to try before I buy. If anyone knows of a place to try out vintage instruments, please let me know.

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  1. by blackfrancis
    (396 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: Trying out vintage saxes...

    I don't know of any specific places, but So-Cal should be loaded with 'em. Try calling some of the music stores that deal in band instruments. Also, check with the places that repair band instruments- that plan worked well for me in the woods of Virginia. Or ask some pro players, sax teachers, or the musicians' union. Study up before you try one- plenty of resources on the web... and bring your own mouthpiece and a good reed- take that variable out of the equation. Above all, enjoy the quest.

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