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by barisax999
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17 years ago

SBA Alto markings

i play on a selmer super balanced action alto that dates to 1950, 44XXX serial #. there are quite a few markings on it that i am curious about. it is marked "France", "Sole Agents British Empire", and "Canada". i believe that this means that the parts were made in France, it was assmebled in Britain, and distributed through Canada. is this true? is there anything else somebody can tell me about this horn. thanks

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  1. by qazmom
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    17 years ago

    Re: SBA Alto markings

    Hi. I play a SBA Tenor that is 45xxx from 1950-1951. I Think that you are right about the parts being made in france and the sax was assembled in canada. I am pretty sure Mine is made in france and assmebled in the USA. I frogot where I read it, but I know I read that Selmer used to make parts in france and shipp the parts and the sax bodies to America to be Assembled. Mabey yours was sent to Canada to be Assembled.

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