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by mikeforeman
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16 years ago

Information on CHAPELAIN, Paris C Melody SAX

I just cleaned out my fathers storage room and found this nickel plated SAX. It has been there since my high school days. I played the sax in junior and high school. I dont remember where I got it. It is in an old Conn case and the sax is in good shape except for some damage to the octive key. It has "Chapelain Paris" engraved on the ftont and on the rear "LOW PITCH " " C" " 28778" Can anyone give me any info on this SAX?

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  1. by Sax Mom
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    16 years ago

    Re: Information on CHAPELAIN, Paris C Melody SAX

    If it's a Conn, the C likely means that this is a C-melody--unusual to have played that in any junior high or high school band, as most composers don't include parts for C-melody. However, it may not be related to Conn, Jim might be able to answer that, or Dave, or Definition. They seem to know quite a bit about Conn. Good like finding the information you desire.

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    1. by definition
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      16 years ago

      Re: Information on CHAPELAIN, Paris C Melody SAX

      Thats not a Conn Stencil I am familir with, but Im not sure as there is a large nuber of Conn Stencils Quickest way to tell is to look at the Low C keygaurd(on the bottom bow of the horn) and if it looks like the Mercedes Benz Logo, chances are its a Conn. If it is a Conn C melody horn, the neck should look like an alto neck, but longer than a normal alto neck. Other Common stencil makers are Martin, and if they made it, it will have soldered on, or bevelled tone holes. This link should help you in determining who made your horn. Read through it, and then you can also go to the site and compare your horn to the pictures there. Stencils generally identical to the horns they were made after, just different engraving and unmatching serial numbers. Lastly, if it's about 22" long with the neck attached, it's an Eb alto sax. 28" or so and you have a C melody, 32" and it's a Bb tenor. A straight horn about 25" long is a Bb soprano. Those are the most common...the are others.

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      1. by connsaxman_jim
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        16 years ago

        Re: Information on CHAPELAIN, Paris C Melody SAX

        I think Chapelain is made by Evette Schafer/Buffet. Not exactly sure on this one. Look at some of the Buffet pictures on saxpics and see if there are any similarities.

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