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by mellowfellow
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16 years ago

Buescher tenor

I have a Buescher aristocrat "big b". serial # 308xxx (im just going to leave the last 3 digits out.". i dont really know much, such as when it was made, ive looked only, but found inaccurate information and stuff. and since you guys seem to be more nerds about it then me, i think your help is need. Is it a good horn? its been relaquered before i got it. but plays pretty well. i get a lot of shit because of the relaquer. how are these compared to the 10Ms. even though i already know those are definitely legit.

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  1. by Dave Dix
    (421 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: Buescher tenor

    Thats from around 1946 and as legit as any top horn and as good if not better then a mk6 selmer. Who gives a toss about a re-lac or not, if a car was 60 years old i bet it wouldn't have the original paint. Re-lacs are frowned on by collectors but perfectly good for using it for what it was built for Dave

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