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by qazmom
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17 years ago

Vintage curved Soprano saxophone

I was thinking of buying a vintage curved soprano from the compny king. I know the company is pretty good, but I dont really knoe that much about sopranos. I collect vintage saxes and my highest one is a conn c-melody. Does anyone know of any places with some sound clips or samples? i usually play baritone or bass saxophone, so i want to know how the curved sopranos would sound before buying one. Thanks.

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  1. by Dave Dix
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    17 years ago

    Re: Vintage curved Soprano saxophone

    If you play bari and bass you might think 'what the hell is that squeek sound like a mouse on heat!!' King sops were a bit iffy on intonation.The low Bb on a sop is your high Bb on a bass sax (Bb 3) so imagine 2 1/2 octaves up from there Dave

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