BERG LARSEN Scoop Bill 75/2 M Back to model

This is a nice playing 80’s vintage metal Berg Larsen mouthpiece for alto saxophone. The body of the piece is in very good condition, showing just a little cosmetic wear to the bite plate. The rails, tip and table are all in very good shape showing no major wear. Its inner chamber has a nice drop down helping provide greater projection. The facing on this mouthpiece is a little confusing; the actual tip opening is abou.076”. It is stamped 75 but at some point it looks like someone tried to stamp an 8 over the seven. It is an over 2 M facing, meaning the piece is going to a little warmer then some of the brighter playing Bergs. This is a great piece if you need a lot of projection but don’t want something super bright.

Manufacturer: BERG LARSEN
Model: Scoop Bill - Stainless Steel
Date Manufactured: 1980's
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