GUARDALA Custom Handmade Guardala (Serial Number: 8642) Back to model

This is a fantastic, completely original 80s vintage handmade Dave Guardala mouthpiece for the tenor sax. I know the player who originally ordered this piece from Dave in the early 80's. He had specific requests for the mouthpiece, so Dave made it to his specs, and signed simply “Custom” across the side of the shank. It features a low baffle, and tip opening measuring .102”, with a facing length of 46. The piece is in phenomenal condition, with the original gold plating showing little finish wear, and the original bite plate with no indentations or grooves. A truly one-of-a-kind Guardala mouthpiece.

Manufacturer: GUARDALA
Model: Custom Handmade
Date Manufactured: Early 1980s
Serial: 8642
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