OTTO LINK New York Super Tone Master 6 (Serial Number: H5) Back to model

This is a great example of an original New York "Super Tone Master" Tenor Sax mouthpiece.  These New York "STMs" with the long bite plate are becoming increasingly harder to find.  What's even rarer about this piece is the fact that it is an original 6.  The piece has never been worked on, and looks fantastic.  This mouthpiece has a very warm, dark sound.  It is a little more spread than some of the other New Yorks we have seen.  There is some minor plating wear, but the piece is still a monster of a player.  This "STM" also features the double lines around the shank.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: New York Super Tone Master
Date Manufactured: Early 1950's
Serial: H5
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