OTTO LINK New York Super Tone Master 6 (Serial Number: D84) Back to model

This is a New York Otto Link Super Tone Master Bari Saxophone mouthpiece that is in excellent like new condition. It has a facing stamp 6 on the table, but it actually measures 0.098. The serial number, stamped on the side is, D84. This is a gorgeous piece that is in perfect original condition. The table, rails and tip are like new and the biteplate has only very slight toothmarks, with no wear.

This piece comes from the highly sought after 50's vintage of Links and sounds as such. The sound is very warm and full with a real vintage quality.

It still has its original lig, and it vibrates incredibly well.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: New York Super Tone Master
Date Manufactured: Early 1950's
Serial: D84
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