SELMER Short Shank Soloist F Back to model

Here is a quality vintage Selmer Soloist hard rubber mouthpiece for the tenor saxophone. Manufactured in Paris, the piece is produced in line with Selmer’s short shank, signatured soloist mouthpieces, and with a stamped ‘F’ facing, features a tip opening which measures out to .073’’. Physically this mouthpiece is in perfect condition, with absolutely no damages to speak of. Soloist mouthpieces are highly responsive, darkly toned players, that offer a vast array of sonic pliability and resonance, all the while maintaining a focused sound. Great for legitimate classical saxophone playing, or for one looking to add a certain sophistication to their jazz tone. Mouthpieces of this make, vintage, and tip opening are extremely difficult to come by.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Short Shank Soloist
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