SELMER Lacquer Cigar Cutter Tenor (Serial Number: 18249) Back to model

This is an excellent vintage Selmer Cigar Cutter tenor sax, serial number 18249. This horn dates back to 1933, and is a great player.

The sax has a fair share of lacquer wear, but physically remains extremely sound. There are no major dents, and no signs of any significant past damage or repairs. There are just a couple small dings to be found, but you've really got to look for them. There is a bit of resolder work, including the neck strap ring, which has been moved twice, leaving bare spots on the body tube in its previous two locations. The thumb rests have been replaced at some point in the past. The sax is shown with the original neck, which has been gold plated. This has added a lot of warmth to the sound of the horn, giving it a beautiful richness that is very welcome.

Pads on this tenor, with flat metal resonators, are a few years old, but are in excellent condition. While it may not win any beauty contests, it certainly can play. It has a huge open sound, with just a little resistance to give you something to push against. The tone is warm, rich, and full, with a slightly darker characteristic. It is also a flexible horn, with a slightly spread sound giving the player total control over what comes out of the sax. This tenor will do anything you want it to do.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super - "Cigar Cutter"
Date Manufactured: 1933-1934
Serial: 18249
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