SELMER Lacquer Cigar Cutter Alto (Serial Number: 16551) Back to model

This is an earlier vintage Selmer Cigar Cutter alto sax, serial number 16551. This horn is in the original lacquer, which is in superb shape.

For a sax that is 75 years old, it sure looks pretty good. The original lacquer is 95% intact, and most of the wear is just of the specklish variety that has come with age. There are no dents in the horn. A couple small pings have been removed in the past, and there is just a small amount of resolder work on the alternate F# key guard, as is so common on the vintage Selmers. The original neck has never been damaged and still has most of the lacquer as well. The horn is shown with the original wood end plug!

If you've only played "newer" Selmers, these earlier horns are quite nice. The sound comes very quick, as the horn is pretty free blowing, and has a definite darker texture. Even on these horns you still have the warm tonal center that made the later Selmers famous.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super - "Cigar Cutter"
Date Manufactured: 1932-1933
Serial: 16551
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