LeBlanc System Rationale - Lacquer (Serial Number: 1015) Back to model

This is a mint condition vintage Leblanc System alto sax, serial number 1015. This alto has some very unique features and keywork, and is in top playing condition with all new pads.

This horn is perfect. No dents, no dings, no resoldered joints. The original lacquer is 99.9% intact with no major wear of note. The neck has never been bent, the bell flare, bottom bow, and bell-to-body brace are all perfect.

This alto has quite a few unique changes. It has keywork to high F#, but the F# key is up in near the palm keys rather than down in the lower stack. All three of the bell keys, C#, B, and Bb, are all on the back (left) side of the bell. It also has a separate G# tone hole to the left of the normal stack, still operated in the same way though.

Because of the rarity of the horn, a unique pad was used too. It is a thick black pad, fitted with flat metal resonators. The horn is set up with a medium key height and very light spring tension, creating a very fluid easy feel under the fingers.

Manufacturer: LeBlanc
Model: System Rationale
Date Manufactured: 1922 - 1923
Serial: 1015
Contributed By: saxquest.com