YAMAHA Custom YAS-855 - Lacquer (Serial Number: 001817) Back to model

This is a like-new, first series Yamaha Custom alto sax, model YAS-855, serial number 001817. This alto as spent nearly all of its life sitting in its case, and has just a couple very light surface scratches if you look very closely.

The Custom 855 is an entirely different horn from the other Yamaha Custom instruments that came after it. It has a different bore design, which gave the horn a stronger focus and slightly more resistance. Some players feel that modern Yamahas are almost too free blowing, and if you are in that camp, this may be the perfect horn for you. The keywork feels crisp and new under your fingers, with the same effortless feel that Yamaha has down pat. The sax shipped with a Custom M1 neck.

This alto plays with a strong core, with the perfect amount of positive resistance to give you something to push against. It is warm sounding without being overly dark, and is fat and full from low Bb up into the altissimo.

Manufacturer: YAMAHA
Model: Custom 855 series
Date Manufactured: 1923 - 1924
Serial: 001817
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