YAMAHA Custom YAS-875EXII (Serial Number: E65620) Back to model

This is a very lightly used Yamaha “Custom EX” YAS-875EX alto sax, serial number E65620. This alto is about as pretty as a used horn can be. It has only a couple light scratches and no major wear of note. The Custom EX is a fantastic option for players who like the feel of a modern Yamaha, but want something a bit warmer than the Custom Z instruments. This alto offers the player a tight focus and excellent core, giving you a strong foundation for a centered sound and especially easy-playing altissimo. The action on the keywork is unparalleled, there really isn't much better than a Yamaha in proper regulation. Everything feels completely fluid and comfortable.

Manufacturer: YAMAHA
Model: Custom EX
Date Manufactured: 1888 - 1893
Serial: E65620
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