YAMAHA Custom YSS-875EXS - Silver Plate (Serial Number: C95109) Back to model

This is a pristine Yamaha YTS-875EX “Custom EX” tenor sax in silver, serial number C95109. The previous owner of the tenor did not put much play time on this instrument. Its body is in absolute perfect physical condition and shows very minimal cosmetic play wear. Some light and hard to see scratches along the back side of the body tube but nothing serious. The original Custom G3 neck is also in perfect condition.

The EX is considered to be the darker and more focused model when compared to the Custom Z. Players who like a direct sound and precisely balanced resonance from top to bottom love the EX model. The EX features beautiful hand engraving, high F#, blue steel springs and some of the most comfortable key work available.

Manufacturer: YAMAHA
Model: Custom EX
Date Manufactured: 1888 - 1893
Serial: C95109
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