KING Super 20 - Silver-Sonic (Serial Number: 385458) Back to model

This is an absolutely gorgeous King Super 20 “Silver Sonic” alto sax, serial number 385458. This horn has all the greats these Kings are known for, the sterling silver neck and bell, the underslung octave key, and the double socket neck.

The horn looks phenomenal, with the only wear coming from honest playing. It stands at greater than 95%. There are dents and no resoldered joints anywhere. The sax is currently playing on older pads, with everything sealing fine, allowing a whisper down to low Bb. The horn has a real fluid and quick feel with both a medium key tension and key height.

The Silver Sonic alto has all the characteristics that make its tenor counterpart such a sought-after instrument. A slightly spread sound, and plenty of volume to back it up! This horn just screams in all registers.

Manufacturer: KING
Model: Super 20 series III
Date Manufactured: 1954 - 1955
Serial: 385458
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