KEILWERTH Peter Ponzol model - Lacquer (Serial Number: 97233) Back to model

This is a beautiful Peter Ponzol model Keilweth tenor saxophone, serial number 97233. It was made in the late 80's/early 90's and Peter Ponzol was directly involved in the development of this instrument. The necks were hand selected for a perfect match to the tenor. The sax features rolled tone holes. It has nearly 100% of its original lacquer and is absolutely beautiful, almost as if it were stright off of the show room floor back in 1989. This tenor has a great sound with a monsterous bottom end. The intonation is perfect.

The instrument has been recently serviced and is in top playing form. Many Keilwerth fans prefer this particular vintage of Keilwerth saxophone. It has a deep sound and the handcrftmanship in the design is wonderful. It feels great under the fingers.

The physical condition is exceptionally good. There are NO dents and NO pastr dent repairs. The hand selected original neck is perfect. Pictured here with the original case.

Manufacturer: KEILWERTH
Model: Peter Ponzol model
Date Manufactured: 1922 - 1923
Serial: 97233
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