Teacher: Mark Harris
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Location Denver, CO, US
State/Province Colorado
Country United States
Affiliation I have a Masters in Sax performance from CU Boulder- I currently teach at Metro State College of Denver, University of Colorado at Denver, and at the University of Denver, as well as at several music stores in the Denver metro area.
Years Playing 26
Years Teaching Not specified
Student Preferences None- I try to teach what the students want to work on, and get them fundamentally sound mechanically. I teach classical, jazz, rock, extended techniques, whatever--
Available Times weekdays
Hourly Rate 45.00
Phone 303 433 7698
Other Comments I have had a fair bit of experience playing, from doing solo classical recitals to playing with many many bands- including Thinking Plague, Hamster Theatre, momen terra, random Axe, the boulder Creative Music Ensemble, Monkey Siren, Lois LaFond and the Rockadiles, recording with all those, and Fred Hess, and Ron Miles, and various one off recordings etc- I have been fortunate to have had some excellent students who now are doing quite amazing things in the music world.

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