Teacher: Eric Schweizer
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Affiliation Oz's Music, University of Michigan (Dr. Andrew Bishop's Studio)
Years Playing 17
Years Teaching 8
References University of Michigan Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation Department, Oz's Music, Truman State University
Student Preferences I teach students of all ages and experience levels in classical, jazz, and world music
Available Times Call or Email for availability
Hourly Rate 50.00
Phone 314-221-4926
Other Comments One of my philosophies about private lessons is that growth can come through all types of music, not just the standard, sometimes boring, classical repertoire. I encourage students to pursue music that excites them and tailor those songs to work on new rhythms, notes and techniques.

As far as competitions are concerned, I am proud to say that I promote consistent student success at Solo and Ensemble competitions (all students have received a "1" ranking), acceptance into All-State Band, and positive results in college scholarship decisions.

Thank you for considering me as your music teacher, and I look forward to speaking to you soon!

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