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Is it possible to Post Pdf's to this site I have lots to share thank you


2 weeks ago
by Jonolockjaw

New to this forum

I found an early Mark VII (1975) in its case. It is brown with no lacquer and pads are shot. Is it worth getting in playin…

3 weeks ago
by jazzydjs (2 posts)

Hi there!

Hi there evyerbody,


I'm new to this forum. My name is Andy Grosskopf. I am a saxophonist (tenor sax…

3 weeks ago
by grosskopf

New here and need some advice!

I purchased a Buescher Aristocrat Sax from an antique shop recently and was wondering if anybody could let me know if it's…

4 weeks ago
by mijderf (38 posts)


I was looking for some nfo on the old Elkharts, and found it here, can't understand why I didn't join sooner!!! Thanks!!!<…

1 month ago
by STARKACE (2 posts)



3 months ago
by Jonolockjaw

Hello. I'm new here.

I'm 43 yrs old and I just started playing the alto sax 8 months ago. I really love this instrument. I grew up playing the…

3 months ago
by Peppers73


Good day everyone on here my name is Solomon am new on this site, please just want to find out the list of best alto saxop…

3 months ago
by Revsolo

Realistic Value of Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series Raven

Good Evening Everyone, I am the mother of a talented teenager who wanted to make a change from playing bass clarinet to teno…

3 months ago
by Don Sax (1 post)

New here and beginner again

Hello my name is Edwin. When I was young I has a bad child hood constantly beaten by my parents and starved. From as far b…

4 months ago
by kelsey (916 posts)

Newbie, from India - How do I learn?

Hi, everyone!

Srinivas here, from India.

I just bought a sax, and it should be shipped out to me by…

4 months ago
by bandmates_think_im_Saxy (8 posts)


Not new but haven't been here for awhile. Cleaning out the closets so to speak and thought I'd check in and post a horn. A…

6 months ago
by Mike Stiller

New here

Hello! I'm new here. Been playing sax a couple of years. Looking forward to reading the boards and meeting you all.

7 months ago
by kelsey (916 posts)

Alto to Tenor, but don't know where to start

i currently play on an Alto sax, (I don't know the exact model) and want to learn
Tenor, but don't know where to star…

7 months ago
by jose123 (0 posts)

Im 49 am I to old to try to learn to play sax

Hi Im a 49 year old married male wanting to learn to play the sax. I always loved the music and especially Kenny G styl of mu…

7 months ago
by jose123 (0 posts)

Brilhart Tonalin Alto Mouthpiece


I have an old Brilhart Tonalin Alto mouthpiece and wonder if anyone knows the date of manufacture.

7 months ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)

New to woodwinds

Good evening.  Up until now I have been primarily a brass player.  Back in 1983, while stationed in the Navy in…

7 months ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)

overtones on a tenor sax

Does anyone know of a table showing what overtones, harmonics etc come into prominence at every note on a tenor sax? I'd l…

7 months ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)

My Conn Alto

I need some help identifying my seems to be a common shooting stars but its not, first it is exceptionally heavy…

7 months ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)

Just Joined

Hell Folks,
              Just joined this excellent site, had'nt known of its exi…

12 months ago
by xjscharlie

New on this site

Hello, so many years beeing a cybersax addict and only these days I discovered this ... incredible site !!

My name…

1 year ago
by Marcel1 (2 posts)


 I am an ex saxophone playe living in France who has joined the forum to ask for some advice about my instrumen…

1 year ago
by jambop

Pretty cool site, glad to have found it.

Hey guys,
Glad to have found your website :) I could use some help: I just registered and was trying to edit my profi…

1 year ago
by barisaxalpha (8 posts)

Mouthpiece reed info needed?

I just picked up an old tenor saxophone that came with a #3 Goldentone mouthpiece. I had seen in another post it is made b…

1 year ago
by JonHuff (68 posts)


Is there anyway to stop the hackers from continueing to ruin this my favorite site?

1 year ago
by kelsey
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