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value of sax

i have a tenor sax  marked adolphe sax84 rue myrna paris no.860 is it worth selling david carter( no replies by saxdavid (2 posts) 12 hours ago

12 hours ago
by saxdavid

Liberty Conn Engraving History

I've owned this sax for about 25 years now and have only just now decided to look into its history...and no, I don't play…

1 day ago
by steveuk

Selmer Bundy Tenor Sax

I have an opportunity to purchase a Selmer Bundy Tenor Sax which has a serial number of 28226 and seems to be in good work…

2 days ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (15 posts)

Help to identify vintage Martin Sax

Hey guys!

I have a 1945-46 Martin Alto saxophone. Its SN 153XXX. Seems to be in great condition with…

1 week ago
by tnbender (4 posts)

Questions about Conn Naked Lady

I have had a Conn 6M, serial # 333778 in the closet for about 25 years. Was about to take it down to the music store to consi…

2 weeks ago
by jebobo (2 posts)



2 weeks ago
by joconn9 (2 posts)

What kind of saxophone is this?

Someone donated this sax to the school and would like an estimate for it. But, we have not been able to det…

2 weeks ago
by GFC (328 posts)

Conn 6M Naked lady ID question


I bought a Conn 6M alto saxophone a few years ago, and I'm planning on selling it. Great horn, outstanding int…

2 weeks ago
by Gregory Butko (8 posts)

Need help identifying vintage saxophone i bought?

I recently bought what the seller called a vintage alto saxophone. he said it was from 1926. it certainly looks and p…

2 weeks ago
by Gregory Butko (8 posts)

Pan American

Hi All
i have  just won a Pan American Alto on eBay, I believe they are basically a Conn, but have no idea what…

2 weeks ago
by Gregory Butko (8 posts)

Buescher alto sax

I have my great grandad's Buescher True-tone alto sax which my grandma also played and now its my turn!  I am a begin…

2 weeks ago
by Gregory Butko (8 posts)

Crazy Sax Player Loves Conn C Melody Horns

I have many years of saxophone restoration history. During my “Tenure” at the repair table, I have fallen hard…

3 weeks ago
by Gregory Butko (8 posts)

king h n white cleve'd o. ser # 84000

Just bought this as a grad present 4 our son. We r guitar people and know nothing about sax.{Well... maybe we do... we do…

3 weeks ago
by lisao (2 posts)

Looking for any info on this Sax

It is a Conn Saxophone M196796 PATD DEC.8.1914 1119954 ALTO LOW PITCH 

Made by E.G.Conn Ltd

4 weeks ago
by GFC (328 posts)

Conn Elkhart 1926 C Melody

Hi All,
4 replies by OzShires (1 post) 2 months ago

4 weeks ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (15 posts)


Hello all,

I just pulled out an old soprano sax that my pops gave to me years ago before he died and I was wond…

4 weeks ago
by saxophony14

Buescher Players...How many on board?

Just wanting to get a feel of how many on the forum play or have played on Bueschers. I have grown quite fond of the old horn…

1 month ago
by mzaffino (2 posts)

found a saxaphone

Would like to know a ballpark figure for the cost of a silver saxaphone that we found at my dads house.  It has a ser…

1 month ago
by Saxquest (296 posts)

Identifying a Conn Tenor

13 replies by dicklourie (3 posts) 10 months ago

1 month ago
by GFC (328 posts)

can any one help with info on my mark vi herny selmer

can any one help me with info on this sax its stamped up henry selmer made in france m237433

2 months ago
by phil2uk

Microtuners, Rolled Tone Holes, Nickel Plated Keywork

Read a good write up here:      on Conn Saxophones.&nbs…

2 months ago
by GFC (328 posts)

when CONN dropped rolled tone holes & micro tuner

I am a volunteer at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, CA.  There are plans to reconfigure the galleries, and th…

2 months ago
by SYNCHROJAMES (3 posts)

Vintage YORK Grand Rapids Alto info please

Hi all, New to your group, please forgive the fact that I am a trumpet player. I recently retired and am looking to occupy…

2 months ago
by jamiefreitag (1 post)



I recently purchased a Conn Sherwood Master Tenor Saxaphone. Serial No. 111948.

2 months ago
by qbaker (7 posts)

Help with ID of early Conn Tenor

Hi. I've looked at the serial numbers and photos on the forum and I just can't seem to match mine up. I have a Conn Tenor…

2 months ago
by qbaker (7 posts)
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