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14 years ago

FOR TRADE: Grover Washington, Jr, Wireless Mic System used in his last 1999 World Tour

I'm considering parting with some very precious items. You can find the prices in the Free Trading section. They are in as new condition and shape. Grover bought this equipment new in 1999 and used it for his last living world tour. The Samson gear comes in/with an ultra heavy duty flight case and the components are rack mounted and MINT. Every thing was tested at Cintoli's in Philadelphia and they also brokered the letter of authenticity from Grover’s wife, Christine. You can call them to verify condition and serviceability. The rack system weighs a monstrous 70'ish pounds yet only cost about $100 for shipping to cali from philly. The SD mics are pristine as well. I haven't used them, but they were checked out as well. The alto (as designated by Grover) is an LCM. The tenor is model LDM 94 and is for either alto or tenor. The soprano is model LCM 80 and has two mics and the preamp is a dual channel preamp. The Samson UR-5D units list for $2,500 new each (approx) and you can add any blue sky for Grover's living contribution to sentimentality and value. I'm sick to my stomach for considering selling these but if the price is right I have some urgent business to take care of. I would be interested in buying them back in several mos for a handsome profit so consider that an absolute money back guarantee. Everything is just like Grover last used, even the settings on the equipment and labeling.

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  1. by Uncle Zo
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    6 years ago

    Re: FOR TRADE: Grover Washington, Jr, Wireless Mic System used in his last 1999 World Tour

    Are these still available for trade ???  I am actually selling Grover's horns for the family.

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