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by Rben20
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17 years ago

Deciding between lacquers

Ok sorry to bother u guys about this subject again but its for a good cause. Ive been thinking of trading my sax SA-80 for another one (SA-80) but lacquered matte with clear lacquer keys or just pure matte. I have a regular clear lacquered sax. I dont know if i should cause i never heard how the other finish sound. (all i know is that some people say its a vintage sound and sounds lusty) Can you please help me out on this last time I will bring this up please. Thanks

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  1. by chiamac
    (586 posts)

    17 years ago

    Re: Deciding between lacquers

    which do you like more? and which one do your friends think its cooler? cause when it comes down to it that's all that matters... =)

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    1. by spottspidermunki
      (55 posts)

      17 years ago

      Re: Deciding between lacquers

      eh..forget ur friends. all that matters is the ladies.haha. i would see if there's any possible way to get the potential sax in ur hands before the purchase. jus see what u like more, and see for urself. an investment such as that should have some trial time behind it. the thing i worry about w/ a matte finish is that it looks vintage now, so what will it look like in 25 years? it may look awesome, i jus dunno. we haven't found out yet. itd be cool tho. Joel

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