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Stage fright/nervousness

So basically I just get super nervous when playing by myself infront of people. Its gets the point where I start shaking a…

13 hours ago
by mijderf (233 posts)

Good saxophone for beginners.

1 replies by wolfkinara (1 post) 2 days ago

1 day ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (439 posts)

Tenor King 66 7103997

Hi everyone,

Looking intyo buying a tenor sax. Owner of this instrument claims it is an intermediate horn, but…

4 days ago
by farming6957

Help identifying vintage sax

Hi everyone!

I've been playing clarinet for a while now and reached a decent level, so I thought it was time to…

4 days ago
by Toftafelle

Yanagisawa t5 1970

Hi.  I'm a relatively new learner. Just bought this. It plays ok. I think I'm going to love it. But the keys are diff…

4 days ago
by Turnerboy

Whats the current trend on saxophone installed pad protection

I have been playing more recently than I have in 35 years. I am going to break down and replace my tenor setup after the h…

6 days ago
by JonHuff (82 posts)

C melody pads?

1 replies by jadenfrancis (1 post) 1 week ago

1 week ago
by jadenfrancis (1 post)

I have a Dilemma!

1 replies by elysse77 (5 posts) 1 week ago

1 week ago
by mijderf (233 posts)

Eagletone Road CSS100 Curved Soprano Saxophone

I am looking to purchase a curved soprano saxophone and have found an Eagletone Road CSS100 on I was wonder…

1 week ago

Chateau Saxohpone

Hello Peeps !

i am Dickson and i am totally new to saxophone .. i tried to google about saxophone but its more…

1 week ago
by Cluella (2 posts)

Thomann experiences?

Hi. I'm pretty new to sax playing and have played a while on a school saxophone from buescher. 
I have plans on…

2 weeks ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (439 posts)

How to Rock?

no replies by joelfernandes (1 post) 2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
by joelfernandes

Buying my first sax: Yamaha YAS-52 or Yanagisawa 900?

Hello.  I've played guitar for nearly 30 years, but I'm new to sax.  I've been playing for a month on a borrowed…

2 weeks ago
by realgon (1 post)

2nd Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy

Introducing the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy 2015!!! It will be held on 14-18 June 2015 in Kasats…

2 weeks ago
by tocnaza (1 post)

If you want to buy a saxophone.

Hey everyone,They are the cheapest and easiest on your lungs.


Most reliable and most expensive - Re…

2 weeks ago
by Maddyjohn (1 post)

I know it's been ask millions of times, but

Can you identify a sax.  
I've been looking at different saxes, and kinda know what saxes are worth…

3 weeks ago
by mijderf (233 posts)

Still Inspired by Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins has inspired me since i literally was a child.

I remember a television commercial that showed him wa…

3 weeks ago
by F35H (14 posts)

Learning to repair bent keys

My prima…

4 weeks ago
by jeleini

Saxophone Identification

I need help identifying this B&S saxophone. Been trying to reasearch stuff on it, but it seems like I can't find this…

1 month ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (439 posts)

A new Plastic Saxophone.

Has anyone ever played one of these?

More pricey than some new brass horns.

The reviews are bad. I'd love…

1 month ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (439 posts)

Joint pain

I have been taking alto lessons for three months. My tutor is pleased with my progress but it was made easier as I already…

2 months ago
by Beemer

Online tv favorite shows


I don't know which application can help me watch Saxophone Mobdro online on TV, someone who has watched it p…

2 months ago
by glendixon

I'm a vlogger and I sometimes post sax related things ... ... In this one, I wrote and recorded some music in the studio w/ a f…

2 months ago
by bomyfopafa (1 post)

Buying a Tenor Sax

I'm trying to bu a new tenor saxophone, and I would rather buy a second hand one as you can get a better one for…

2 months ago
by mijderf (233 posts)

What Tenor sax brand should I look at/buy

I'm a Sophomore in my school's honors band and the advanced jazz band. I play an advanced tenor sax (dont know the brand b…

3 months ago
by mijderf (233 posts)
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