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by Prycs
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6 years ago

Unknown Czechoslovakian Alto Saxophone

Hi All

I've tried my best to identify this sax but with no luck. It's a recent purchase - based  purely on looks, need a full overhaul and repad - trying to get some background before deciding if its worth doing.
Any light you could shed on it would be great. 

The sax has inline rolled tone holes. There is no serial number in the usual place by the right hand thumb rest but on the neck receiver is stamped "1A   MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA   21705"

Many thanks in advance for your help

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  1. by GFC
    (794 posts)

    6 years ago

    Re: Unknown Czechoslovakian Alto Saxophone

    Prewar Czech saxophones were made by Kohlert, Keilwerth, Amati, or some morphing, melding combination of two or more of those companies.  Both Keilwerth and Kohlert produced horns with rolled toneholes.  A brand X horn such as yours was produced for the budget market, and as such doesn't have a lot of market value.  The condition of the plating doesn't help.  You should budget for repair accordingly.  You might be able to find identifying information on early Keilwerth and Kohlert "stencil" (brand X) horns at

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  2. by idahobar
    (9 posts)

    2 years ago

    Re: Unknown Czechoslovakian Alto Saxophone

    I have one of these, it was my first saxophone, and it's been in parts for nearly 30 years. I've just got around to repadding it. I always thought it was French as the name on the horn is Louis Vox, but I suddenly had a thought that maybe it's Czech. A quick Google got me to your post. Did you ever find any more info?

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