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by saxn00b
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16 years ago

New Vintage Jazz Horn

Hey. I've been doing some research on good jazz horns. "The Martin", "Magna" by Martin, and the King "Super 20" are all horns that come up. But they are out of my price range. I know excellent horns (such as the Chu Berry) are cheap, but are they well-suited to jazz? I'm trying to get the bright almost (but not quite) edgy sound on alto. Currently, I'm looking on eBay at a Cuesnon, Chu Berry, and Martin Handcraft. How well-suited are these to jazz? I have a budget of about $480. Thanks for any help!

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  1. by SaxDru
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    16 years ago

    Re: New Vintage Jazz Horn

    Chu is a great option, check the forms regarding mouthpieces on vintage Conns and you can come up with a decent setup at a good price

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