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by danthemanmadison
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6 years ago

Meyer Metal Mouthpiece Ligature

I purchased a 7J Meyer metal mouthpiece for my alto about a year ago. I absolutely love this mouthpiece, but I've found that the ligature is quite cheap and I've had both of the ligature screws break. Do you guys know of a ligature that fits this mouthpiece well? None of the ligatures I have on hand fit the mouthpiece because of its narrow shape. Thanks!

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  1. by Maestro.58
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    6 years ago

    Re: Meyer Metal Mouthpiece Ligature

    I agree.  The ligatures that come with a new sax, or mouthpiece are throwaways!  Try the Rovner ligatures.  They come in different sizes and they are not terribly expensive.

    Best Wishes 

    Robert E. Schuenemann

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