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by papa_smurf
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17 years ago

Copper-bodied alto?

Hi, Has anybody has any experience with the "Lamont" saxophone brand? Any known problems with them? I just picked up a copper-body alto for the right price, it was bought for a teenager who played it three times then it sat in the case, so I saved it from a wasted existence. Oh, and I've gotta say that it looks absolutely horn! See product details & photos: Naturally there are several well-known brands that would be far superior, but at this price (I paid a bit over US$400) the alternatives are the "85%-off" ebay specials of questionable origin... also important is that I bought this as I enter my first mid-life-crisis, and haven't touched a sax for 14 or 15 years, so it's fair to say that I am not up to scratch in any way at all. In these circumstances I'm very happy with it but my playing is not able to determine any problems, and I know nothing about the mechanics of a saxophone. It is, however, in absolutely as-new fantastic condition, so it doesn't need repair or anything. Any info or comments on this sax would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris.

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  1. by chiamac
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    17 years ago

    Re: Copper-bodied alto?

    de-lacquer (spelling?) it and then get some green or brown patina! it would look dope! =) *ps, if it plays good to you, and looks good for you, then it's a good horn for you!

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