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So was the pattern of the engraving on the Mk VI pretty much standard or did the engraver take some artistic liberties? The reason I ask is because one of my tenors has an additional flower on the bell that perfectly matches the rest of the horn. I've long suspected the horn is a factory relaquer because the laquer is a brighter color than the other horns. However there is absolutely no loss of definition in the engraving and it stills feels rough to the touch. I theorized that possibly the addtional flower was added at the factory during the relaquer. ~Lester

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  1. by Elite Studios
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    17 years ago

    Re: Engraving....

    Lester, I cannot remember the article I read from an old Conn factory employee who shared about the re-lacquered factory new horns. He stated that there were horns that did meet final inspection and they would need to strip and re-lacquer them. There is much to much misunderstanding about the process changing the sound of the instrument. If it was a good job he said there was absolutely no way anyone could tell any difference in the sound or projection of the sound of the re-lacquered saxophone. It all depends on the way the old lacquer was removed. Too many ill-informed and no experience in the matter love to make outlandish remarks because they think it makes them appear to be an expert. Most lacquer can be removed by dipping it in a solution of baking table spoon to one quart of water at boiling temperature and it will peel off. If there are stuborn spots or patches after that, they can be removed with acetone on a cotton or wool pad and rebbing. Very little buffing will be necessary.

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