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by saxophoneplayingistight
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16 years ago

peoples setups

Hey guys happy holidays. Im posting to see what all of your saxophone setups are because i really enjoys hearing what people think of there stuff. I have a yamaha custom black tenor with med. hard fibracell reeds and an otto link NY 6* (that mouthpiece is incredible)and a neotec harness strap for extended play.lets see what you guys have.

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
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    16 years ago

    Re: peoples setups

    I collect Conn saxophones. The sax that I primarily gig with is a 1948 Conn 10M Lady model tenor, which I recently had completely overhauled and relacquered. I use either a vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master or A Meyer metal piece with a V16 Vanduren 2 1/2 reed, or a Rico Royal Graftonite B3 mouthpiece with a Rovner ligature and a Vanduren reed. I don't care for the fibracell reeds. I've tried a couple of them and I just don't like the feel or sound. I use a Neotech strap. I also play keyboard, and alto, and the strap is easier to work with. I play either a 1950 Conn 6M, or a 1952 Selmer Balanced Action alto. I have a Conn Steelay mouthpiece from the 1950's I use with the 6M, and a Selmer soloist piece I use on the Selmer. I also have a Rico Royal Graftonite piece for alto, and an Otto Link Super Tone Master, but it's a little too bright for most of the stuff I like to play alto on. The Graftonite pieces sound really good. I use a Vanduren 2, or 2 1/2 reed. I also use a Rovner ligature I don't play Soprano much. I have a Selmer Series III soprano, which I bought new about a year ago. I use the soloist mouthpiece and a Vanduren 2 reed I have a 1955 King Zephyr Baritone which I play on occasion. I use either a Brilhart mouthpiece or a Graftonite piece with a Rovner ligature. I have a few other old Conns; New Wonder Series I and II (Chu Berry) alto's and tenors, C Melodies, a Conn soprano and Baritone

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