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by carterma68
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16 years ago

compact vintage tenors

Hey, I'm new to this forum, and this may have been addressed earlier, but I haven't been successful in discovering it. I'm looking for a summary, I suppose, of horns that are compact under the fingers. For instance, a mark VI rather than a keilwerth. I'm planning on purchasing a vintage horn and repairing it, and I will probably be checking eBay. I live in a small place where I cannot check different horns out myself. So any thoughts on horns that are characteristically "compact"? Thanks, Mike

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  1. by johnsonfromwisconsin
    (767 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: compact vintage tenors

    Yanagisawa seems to have a compact ergonomic set for smaller hands.

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    1. by chiamac
      (586 posts)

      16 years ago

      Re: compact vintage tenors

      I have a 10M and never had any problems with my small hands.

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