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17 years ago

realistic set-ups!

This little post is to all players with enquiring minds, like most students of all levels. Most of us are still students, learning is constant, yeah!! Because a certain saxophone player plays with an "original" sound, using such & such a set-up, is really part of their style, their physique is a major factor in that sound. it's their own. So for instance if I use exactly the same set-up as -------, I don't expect to sound like them, I would like to think I sound like--me! So, folks, please don't say "what a grump", I'm a realist, of some years and experience. Of course, our horn/s and mouthpiece/s, reeds, etc. are important. In the words of Mr. Keith Stein, a cheap horn needs a great m/p to sound good; the reverse doesn't work as a rule. I know that elusive sound is hard to find. as a young player I grew up in the country, the set-up I had worked, 'cause I didn't have a choice. I practised hard and it paid off! Never cease looking for your sound, get a good set-up and be happy, work with it, it should work for YOU!!

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