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by reedat
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16 years ago

which set up?

This little post is to all players with enquiring minds, like most students of all levels. Most of us are still students, learning is constant, yeah!! Because a certain saxophone player plays with an "original" sound, using such & such a set-up, is really part of their style, their physique is a major factor in that sound. it's their own. So for instance if I use exactly the same set-up as -------, I don't expect to sound like them, I would like to think I sound like--me! So, folks, please don't say "what a grump", I'm a realist, of some years and experience. Of course, our horn/s and mouthpiece/s, reeds, etc. are important. In the words of Mr. Keith Stein, a cheap horn needs a great m/p to sound good; the reverse doesn't work as a rule. I know that elusive sound is hard to find. As a young player I grew up in the country, the set-up I had worked, 'cause I didn't have a choice. I practised hard and it paid off! Never cease looking for your sound, get a good set-up and be happy, work with it, it should work for YOU!!

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  1. by definition
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    16 years ago

    Re: which set up?

    Amen brother, can we get a hallelujah? Anyway, he is spot on. I play a metal Guy Hawkins piece alot these days like Gato Barbieri plays, but my sound is a far cry from his! Anyway, go for your own sound, and work hard!

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    1. by kneejerk52
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      16 years ago

      Re: which set up?

      ill second that i know a local player who grew up playing piano music along with his mom. he has a style like no other. if in the lehigh valley look for pete fluck with zen for primates you won't be dissapointed with this cats sound. if you don't like this guys sound you don't like sax.

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