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by troymcclure
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17 years ago


I found a horn in the paper for 300 bucks. It's a buescher and the model number is 65156 It also has 20A and L-cart on it (according to the owner). It also has an elk engraved on it. I'm assuming it's an Elk hart. The serial number checks out to be around 1920. Does this sound accurate. Is this a good deal assuming the sax is in good condition?

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  1. by Dave Dix
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    17 years ago

    Re: Need HELP ASAP!!!

    thats a buescher stencil from early 1930's and should be a stencil from an aristocrat(if the bell keys are on the same side) or a true tone stencil if the bellkeys are on either side. if its in good condition the price is about right Dave

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