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by savvystocker
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4 years ago

C-Melody saxophone mouthpieces and ligatures

I have a vintage Conn stencil Xcelo C-melody saxophone that I'm looking to find a mouthpiece and ligature for. I have a small budget to work with, so I want to find something that has a nice smooth tone but is affordable. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them and why you would recommend it. Thanks!

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    4 years ago

    Re: C-Melody saxophone mouthpieces and ligatures

    Many players will disagree with me, but you may use an Alto, Tenor ,or C melody mouthpiece with a C Melody. I have had more good response with Conn C Melody horns that other makers in this situation.

    Depending on what you are more comfortable with, alto or tenor, I would put this into consideration. I personally play mostly tenor, so I like a Selmer hard rubber tenor mouthpiece with a harder reed on C melody. I truly prefer a C melody mouthpiece on C melody, but the older ones I find to be very stuffy. This does not mean you will.


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  2. by Boutti
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    4 years ago

    Re: C-Melody saxophone mouthpieces and ligatures


    I have 1923 Conn C melody New Wonder 1 and I play it with Yammys 4C and Bueschers C Melody mouthpiece from the 1920's. The problem with original mouthpieces is the sound, its really stuffy and moden mouthpieces has intonation issues.

    You can play it with alto or tenor sax mouthpiece but there might be some intonation issues with todays mouthpieces because of the chambers size.

    There are some modern cheap mouthpieces and expensive mouthpieces made for C melodies. Some of them are made to use with tenors reeds and some with the C melody reeds.

    Check out from eBay and you might find one that fits for you. 

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